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What are you cleaning with?

by Daniel Staite


Like the physical body, the energetic body also needs to be cleansed of the energies that are picked up in daily life.  Workday stress, getting locked into traffic on the commute home – just ask any physician about the overwhelming effect of stress.  We’re blessed to live in Austin, but there’s still the need to think about our physical and energetic bodies.
Pranic Healing is a tool, like soap.  It has the potential to assist you in leading a balanced life in mind and body.  It might also help you, your friends, and your family be healthy and energetically stronger, minimize dependency on medicines that may have side effects, and become truly self-sufficient.
This healing technique is not here to replace Western medicine, but to coexist with it and assist our bodies in complete healing, instead of treating symptoms. When you’re self-sufficient, you may be able to take care of your own minor ailments and perform first aid for severe ailments, before a doctor could be available.
This is not just a self-help technique – it’s a community-help technique, one that could help those who are stuck in a life of ailments and over-the-counter drugs – simply by performing cleansing techniques. Wonderful and awe-inspiring things will come to mind when you begin to understand how distant healing works, and how it’s possible to heal people across the country – and around the world.

Cleaning techniques.
Become aware of your energy hygiene, and how to make the best use of it.

  • Why does going to some places make you feel low, and at other places you feel high and serene?
  • Why do you feel down after talking to certain people, and feel very happy and energetic in others’ company?
  • Why does taking a bath in sea salt feel more refreshing?

What are the best tools that can be used to improve the hygiene of the energy surrounding you? 
The ones that work.  You’re in charge of the cleaning – it’s your mind, body, and energy.

This article was originally featured in the July 2010 issue of Austin All Natural.

Daniel Staite is a pranic practitoner.
Pro bono pranic healing clinics available,  north and south Austin locations.  RSVP required. Basic Pranic Healing Course for practitioners, July 24-25 at Peoples Pharmacy South.


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