Snow Mountain

The name Clear Sense is a simple way of saying E.S.P., Extra Sensory Perception. We all have the ability for E.S.P., so it's not "extra". We all have the ability to have Clear Sensory Perception and have used it during our lives. Utilizing these abilities is simple when you understand that you already have these abilities. Similar to the physical senses, they must be exercised to reach their optimal level. There are many ways to help gain strength in your Clear Sense abilities: meditation, practice, knowledge, color lenses, and hypnotism.

What I teach is not new to you or anyone else. The energetic senses are something we all have but must use to develop. Clairvoyance is right there in front of you all you need is grab hold and run with it.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear voices that are yours and others internally and to decipher the difference.

Clairvoyance is the choice to see what most prefer not to see. It is the power to discern objects not commonly present in the senses.

Clairsentience is the ability to touch and feel vibrations and energies.

Claircognizance is the understanding and knowing of information without knowing how or why.

Clairsalience is the inner art of smelling that which is not there.

Clairgustance is the inner art of tasting without eating.

These arts are used for the shaman to heal and understand that which makes us closer to our soul. This is called oneness with our "I am."

Learning Clear Senses

Clear senses are an initial step into the healing and self healing arts. The abilities of the psychic mediums, clairvoyants and psychics can be yours with a little practice. The clear senses are the tools needed to make you a holistic healer or an alternative healer. These perceptions and the opening of consciousness can help you with the parapsychic or parapsychology study that you decide to follow. There are many different healing modalities. I hope you choose the one that fits you like an old comfortable shirt, and then make it your own. I teach many different techniques in healing and I ask each student to keep searching for his or her own style of healing. I want all to go forth using their intuition in learning self healing techniques, such as empathic healing or elemental healing. Using psychic or mind healing techniques is a rewarding path when the healing aspect is involved. If you are setting out to create, manifest, self heal, enlighten, or just balance your energies and chakras, meditation and e.s.p. clear senses will assist you. I give knowledge and affirmations as I teach. This helps concrete the healings that are done. Prayers or affirmations also assist in opening the mind to the possibility that we are more than we know.



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