Clear Senses cont..

Snow Mountain

Teaching Clear Senses

In teaching how to learn e.s.p. or psychic abilities, I first give you simple techniques to learn and validate your own senses. So let us begin to create new perceptions. I congratulate you for the walk you have begun or are on.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear voices that are not of the physical realm. I am going to repeat myself using different words so that many will understand. Clairaudience is the ability to hear spirits, ghosts, and angels. Clairaudience can grow into telepathic ability when used and validated. Clairaudience is the ability to hear faint sound waves. Clairaudience is the ability to hear energetic voices, sounds, and thoughts. This is the first lesson in clairaudience, psychic hearing or telepathy.

Get your mind to a quiet place at a peaceful time of day and say "hello" in your mind. We all hear the words "hello" in our brain. This is an energetic voice. That was not too hard. Try a couple of greetings so that the voice stays strong. Clairaudience is the ability to hear energetic voices. When you hear the voice, you accept the fact that you are clairaudient. Most people have never had it explained to them that the voices in their head are not theirs. This knowledge is the key to being clairaudient. Validation and playing and testing your abilities is how you become better at listening internally. The clairaudient ability gives you the beginning of psychic abilities, mediumship, and self-mastery. Even when never used for healing, clairaudience will guide your life in many spectacular roads. The healing part of clairaudience is learning to listen to the right voices. The ear tones (ringing and pressure) that you hear and feel are actually outside voices, or spirits. These voices are not always heard correctly.

The voice in your heart is your soul, or your greater "I am". The voice in the core or navel area is your spirit. Your spirit and your soul should be the most important guides besides your belief in the Creator or divinity. The voices that are not always inside can make mistakes. These should be let go or freed from your service. I send them to the light with joy and let go of the cords as they are released. Try to imagine them entering the light. This will further develop clairvoyance abilities. Try to feel their energy leave as they are released. This will help your clairsentience ability grow. When it is difficult to release the voices, I recommend the affirmation "I am freeing all voices in all that I am.” This is why I created the Meditation for self Healing. It will be of great help in freeing the energies and entities around you. This meditation teaches a simple way to free the unwanted in your life and to create love and joy. The most important part to this is to enjoy and validate. Please make this a game.


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