The Healing State: Elemental Healing

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This technique uses the environment around you to heal. We learn the balance of our life through the elements around us with wood, earth, water, fire, and air. The bodies have an elemental connection that helps create health and balance. This is an ancient technique found in all areas of the world by many types of healers.

Elemental Healing allows you to heal yourself in the healing state. It uses all that life provides to assist you in your mental, physical, and spiritual journey. It is a perpetual technique that keeps the circle of healing working consciously and unconsciously, keeping us in balance with external energies and nature.

Elemental healing is a self-healing technique that is simple and easy to apply in everyday life to assist us in our journey. We can ground the physical body with the elements of the world to fuel and sustain energy. Only 40% of all the minerals in our body come from food sources. The remaining 60% of the nutrients are absorbed from our environment. Elemental healing helps you channel the energy through the body and allow you to fulfill unresolved needs, both physically and energetically—thus balancing the bodily healing system.



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