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Empathy is the ability to feel or understand other people’s emotions in their lives. Empathic healing is an ability to heal people's emotions and unlearned lessons. This is a normal ability we all have.

We have all gone to meet a friend at one time or another. Did you leave the meeting feeling worse than when you arrived because of the hard lessons your friend is learning? The reason you left feeling bad is empathic healing. You actually pulled in some of your friend’s unlearned lessons. It is important to learn to heal others with proper protection, cleaning, and balancing.

In the past, this ability has been called a burden-barrier and ritualized into a the practice of sin eating in certain cultures.

Empaths are drawn to help others by love. They are compelled to make others feel better by removing their painful emotions. Some empaths take on more than just emotions and experience the same unlearned lessons—thus finding themselves in a similar situation to that which their friend was experiencing.

There are shields and protective measures that can be used to avoid pulling in other people’s issues. Ultimately, it is ideal to be able to balance and heal without needing to take them inside yourself. Whether we absorb others’ physical or emotional pain is not always a choice. It is not always a conscious one. Controlling this ability will come with practice and can be developed through different techniques. You can learn to strengthen your natural empathic ability through prayer. You can practice by working with your family and friends.



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