Chakras cont..

The muladhara as I see it clairvoyantly:

When you begin to see the chakras, they may look like crescents, or a waning moon. With practice, they will start to look like bubbles or glass globes. Please do not slow a person’s chakra down by slowing the spin of the globRoot_Chakra002es in your mind’s eye. As you see, the chakra will come to life with beauty and brilliance. Different energies affect the color of an aura. All chakras will change colors due to shifting emotional energies from within, such as changing descriptions of wants and needs in the root chakra. External energies can also affect an aura. Your aura protects your emotional energies, and will change color in response to those around you.

The easiest aura to see is the root chakra aura. Each of the four petals of the root chakra has an area of needs and wants to balance: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When a personal issue is off balance in these fields, the root chakra will get off balance and create an energetic attraction to obtain what will fulfill the imbalance in the fields.

All chakras spin; most in one direction at a time. A chakra will get longer as it expels energy and will concave as it attracts energies. All chakras have a counter or opposite chakra as well as a root. The root is where the energy is delivered throughout the body. The sacral is the opposite chakra to the muladhara.


We have many co-existing bodies that make and create our physical body. All the bodies have purposes that help our physical and clear senses operate:

  • The liquid or plasmic body carries emotions and reactive memories;
  • The gaseous body carries particles and nutrients throughout the body;
  • The etheric body fulfills the bodies with Qi or Prana;
  • The super-etheric body is where the spirit and soul are connected;
  • The sub-atomic body is where energy flows through the physical layer.
  • The atomic body is where consciousness resides. This is where thought waves are converted to brain functions and thought intentions.

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