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28 February 2009

Blue Oak Record Group is delighted to announce the release of Meditation for Healing by alternative healer Daniel Staite. Produced by composer Lindsey Eck, this full-length CD joins Staite’s guiding words with a background of soothing sounds and musical tones mindfully chosen to balance the body’s energies, chakras and consciousness.

Daniel Staite began his healing training over 40 years ago under the tutelage of his Canadian First Nations grandmother. He enjoys teaching and practicing martial arts, including tai chi and chi kung. While making no overt reference to any particular spiritual tradition (other than the mention of chakras in the introduction), Staite’s meditation system combines elements of Native American, South Asian, and East Asian techniques. His passion for empathic and elemental healing and his belief that the manifestation of joy and love should be easier for all people were the inspirations for this CD, which in some ways resembles the “compassionate meditation” endorsed by the Dalai Lama.

Meditation for Healing consists of three tracks: a brief spoken introduction, the 25-minute guided meditation, and a presentation of the meditation without the spoken voice, in which the tones themselves create healing. A sequel, Meditation for Interpersonal Relations, has already been partially recorded.


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