Feng Shui for the Soul


The term “feng shui” translates to “wind and water.” It is the study of how to create harmony between the energy of the earth and the human body and how to use the energy of our surroundings to nurture and support ourselves.¹ Feng shui teaches that your outer environment can also affect changes in your inner reality. It is based on the principle that chi (energy) patterns are predictable and that once we understand how energy flows, both within our bodies and between our bodies and the environment, we can create environments that sustain the energy patterns we want to have. By Following the bau gua map for our homes and making adjustments according to this principle, which affect the chi to flow in our homes, and we create in our daily lives. Taking the principles of feng shui a step further, I espouse that our homes are metaphors for our souls, and that a de-cluttered home represents a de-cluttered soul. Furthermore, feng shui principles can be applied to our bodies using the chakra system like a bagua map.

  • physical symptoms (pain, etc) = blocked or unbalanced chi flow---use as gauges to make adjustments
  • adjustments can be soul-searching, looking within to see how we have twisted our perceptions and untwist them
  • simplify our perspectives to shift and let go
  • "To bring harmony and balance into your life, you need to balance out the energy flow through the rooms of your home. Use the bau gua map to understand which areas of your home related to which life sectors."
  • "To bring harmony and balance into your soul, you need to balance out the energy flow through the chakras of your body. Use the chakra chart to understand which chakras relate to which soul sectors."²

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