Elemental Healing
Empathic Healing
Mind Healing
Frequency Healing
Vibrational Healing
Shaman Arts


Pphysical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial healing.

Empathic healing uses your love and compassion to assist others in their journey and to free their life’s blockages.

Mind healing is finding the silent spot in your consciousness so you may heal your body, your thoughts, and your emotions.

Elemental healing is an old technique to assist the body in healing by using the nature around you. Did you know a tree would assist in relieving flu symptoms?

Frequency healing proves that tones in the right frequencies will change the body’s DNA strands. Science now validates the chanting and mantras of the older healing arts.

Self-healing is based on knowing that whatever negatively affects you can easily be healed.

Vibrational healing addresses your memories good and bad that are stored in your amino acids and creates your DNA strands. Are your thought patterns and memories genetically passed on?

Shaman arts direct you through the ancient ways of healing in multifaceted aspects of wisdom following your intuition and guides.

Sweats are a purification ritual. Sweat lodges are held in a traditional manner.

You will find the healing path that works best with your inner light or spirit to heal yourself and others.



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