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I have been taught that there is no darkness. There are only things and places that are in need of or are searching for light. The understanding of light as a heat source that is visible to the human eye is a human understanding of the word. Light is aspects of creation, love and blessings rolled into one thought of one’s will. In this thought, light is the word for the action of creating your own path. All else is letting others create and design your path in life. Please understand that in all cultures, there are those who have created their own path and their teachings are great roads for us to follow or design our lives after.

In all the great teachings, the aspect of divinity is a guide. Whether it’s by a god, prophet, or one’s own self-divinity, all have been guided to the light. The thought of personal divine guidance is more than most believe can be achieved in this life, except through others, or books. Divine guidance comes to each of us through extra sensory perceptions (E.S.P) or as “clear senses.” Most believe that these clear senses are only for those seen as exceptionally divine or extremely r eligious, but clear senses are for all of us and are something we all have wielded in our lives. We have chosen to not pay attention to the clear senses and thus have forgotten how to use them. If this seems strange to you, ask a child questions and watch his or her face and actions. For example, consider that angels who guard a room normally hover in the corners while personal guardian angels rove about. Children know the difference and have a high accuracy of being able to tell you where they stand or perch. Try asking different children separately. Please ask a child if they can still hear angels. This is awe-inspiring when you watch their faces as they search inside for that answer. The clear sense act of being a clairvoyant or having clairvoyance is a gift that we are all given but most have forgotten when we were young.

The Healing State is a step in understanding that all in life is about "myself, my self-healing, my self-forgiveness," and so on. It is always about you. It is the "myself" issues that have created your life: from the words you speak, the thoughts and voices in your head, and the vibrations you let flow in your energies. The whole of all you are is the whole of your life and the road you walk. The alternative healing, shamanic healing, and self-healing arts are ways to assist us in creating of a new life or a new "myself," which is the physical form of one’s spiritual "I AM." Self healing is the knowledge that what you accept and give are gifts wanted or unwanted in your life. What you think and feel affects your day and your future. Your "myself," or human you as a whole, is your creation of health or lack of health.



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