Posted April 2, 2009

This is an easily answered question; it is either yes or no. Many people have learned to walk through their life with very little validation. They set the day into motion with a cup of java, or tea and then work begins. Words flow as we talk, but our emotions are muffled or misplaced. Many laugh at the horrifying and are unmoved by the beautiful. Is this something that you do?

What you think about creates your life. The words and thoughts that run from your mouth and through your mind shape your life experience. The mundane issues that you laugh about are different roads that you choose to walk. You create karma; what goes around comes around. This is not a new teaching, but it is one that is easily overlooked in our day-to-day lives. Creating from joy is so much easier than creating from drama. So why is it that we allow drama to flow from us? Why do we give the drama of others our joy, or our creative power?

Do you accept the love that is shown to you? Do you let the feeling of love fill you, or do you muffle it? Love is a constant emotion. It is peaceful and strong. I have found that most consider the giddy, uplifting, and perky emotion of joy to be love. We live our lives seeking the praise, forgiveness and love of others. This is the motivation and driving force for most things that we do. For the most part, we are following lessons of life that we have learned during this lifetime. The lessons are how we obtain the things that we want or need. This is our creative power, the tool that we use to wield a better life. Are you living the life that you want? You are living the life you have created or have let others create for you. Are you ready to live a more fulfilled life? This is your true task and the reason you are living. The answer to the question “Why are we here?” is “to learn how to create.” Understanding this is the first step towards making ourselves more divine.

Do you accept the love that is shown to you? There are many ways to feel love, but most people do not truly accept it. We can find love in everything that exists if we are willing to look or feel deep enough. This can be achieved through a three-part technique. First, we consciously accept using our words or thoughts: “I am accepting the love.” It may sound silly, but it works. Second, we feel the love and let it fill us, allowing it to grow and flow freely. The aspect of letting it flow will take time for some, but with a little practice, it will be easy. Third, we validate and praise ourselves for the experience. If you are accepting love from an object or a concept, just praise the feeling of love. When accepting love from people, the experience is more validating. Watch for a change in the person’s facial expressions or body language. Some will actually lean forward unconsciously as you accept their love, truly validating your acceptance.

When should we accept love? I always use love as a tool to get what I want. My love is candy to my heart. When I accept love from others it is candy to their hearts as well. We all want to be loved and accepted, and what we do to others shall be done to us. You will be smiling about this in the days to come. We all want love, and to have our love accepted is pure pleasure. Accepting love is the first step in the transformation into the new you. In accepting, we are giving others’ love to ourselves. This is the crux of all healing: it’s always about you. We are learning how to create a great life in all aspects. Life lessons that were mis-learned need to be corrected so that we can create more loving and balanced lives.

Are you loved? When you create your own love, then the answer is always yes. Understanding and practicing this will bring forth a creation we can all be proud of.



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