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CD: Meditation for Healing

CD: Meditation for Interpersonal Relations


Self-healing is based on knowing that whatever negatively affects you should be healed. This rule runs through all aspects of life. The thoughts in your mind, emotions and physical injuries, and even simple unpleasantries need to be healed.

“It’s all about me”that is the golden rule to self-healing. The lessons that I have learned properly and improperly are the foundation of my life. That which I dislike is a mirror of an inner aspect of myself. To like all things and all people is to love or like oneself.

There are several techniques for self-healing. Mind clearing and meditation are two important ones.

Mind clearing is simply watching and freeing the thoughts in your mind. This is the basis for recreating your life. The reverberated words, pictures, inner voices, and even prayers can cause an adverse reaction when they manifest stronger and more easily. Be watchful of the words you say and the thoughts you do not say.

I have found that meditation is a simple way to correct the path that leads us astray. Tone or isotope meditation works deeply on unconscious vibrational aspects. Guided meditations help work on facets of our lives that might be weak. Finding a multi-purpose meditation is very helpful for balanced healing.

I have created and recorded a guided meditation for self-healing. It re-teaches you to consciously and unconsciously manifest joy and love in your life, as the foundation for manifesting abundance, wealth, and health. This CD (or download) can help you see and feel the love and joy around you. This will reach the unconscious programming so that manifestation will come more swiftly. Click on the CD Cover for a overview of my guided meditiation CD.

My second recording, Meditation for Interpersonal Relations, helps you create a positive family life. It focuses on creating, teaching, and healing relationships at home, at work, and socially. This is achieved through vibrations and tones that help balance behavioral patterns in the unconscious mind.


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