Many ask what goes on during a session. Each session varies depending on the technique I use on my guest. The diversity of sessions is due to the spirits and energies guidance. The session change due to thoughts and emotion that are freed and healed when my guests are here. The sessions are guided by you the guest, we work for a goal of greater healing and intension. This task will be done in a comfortable fashion with ease and grace. There are many healing techniques I use to heal, so no one session is the same. There are times that we use Elemental healing, this helps balance the body to this creation. Elemental healing will keep the soul, spirit and body in a flowing circle with the Earth. There are sessions when the heart and mind are making vibrations that change us and the easiest way to heal this is thru Empathic healing. Vibrational healing keep the bodies, minds and energies flowing together. Frequency healing work on the smaller aspect of the minds and subatomic fields this is done using tones. I have also created CD’s to help heal the mind body and soul. There is a lot of other techniques that I use to help facilitate proper healing.

What I do is easy to explain harder to understand. I am a Healer, Prophet . I have been called a Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medical intuitive, Energy worker, I can go on naming a large number of gifts. The New Age title for me has been the Ascension guide or a Spirit life coach. I still prefer Healer, Prophet. What you get from a session. You will have a clearer understanding about how, and what creates the life we live. The flow of thought verse the energies that affect us in the world and changes our balance of life. I give in-depth understanding of the universals laws of balance and creation. I help balance the dimensions we have or are in, so we can live a more fruitful life. The world we live in is the world we create or pass by ignoring. I am here to ascend the normality of humanity and to help heal the earth and all those who reside here. I will make the session nondescript and Awe-inspiring at the same time. You will feel at ease with what is transpiring, most of the people say I validate their inner thoughts. The sessions slow down or completely change directions depending on you and your Spirit guide or Angels. I like to know peoples religious belief so I can work with them in the spiritual aspects of their heart. I know this sheds some light on how I heal and inspire a healthier mind, body and soul.

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