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Shamans are guides, healers and teachers to the society in which they reside. A shaman is a student of the spirits that guide him or her. The normal path of a shaman is passed from a shaman to a student. These days most shamans are taught through intention and intervention from the spirit world. The new shamans are creating innovative paths in healing that will change our medical concepts and principles in the future. These shamans will be capable of existing in the physical and spirit world at the same time.

We all have the ability to become a shaman.

Shaman Arts is simply to listen. Learning to hear the voice of your guides is the first step on your path. This is called clairaudience or clear hearing. I have found it easiest to explain that you have only one voice and it’s produced through your vocal cords. The voice in your head is not yours—it is your guide’s. We are all born clairaudient.

The Art is to be with life—as they call it, being in the moment—and allow the answers to flow to you.

The elements, animals, guides, angels will come to assist you in your journey to the path of Healing. Life and energy will flow and guide you to the path you have chosen. The clear senses will guide you to the path of whatever you want in your life.

Did you know that a shaman followed the spirits’ advice and burned grass in a small kiln? This is how the Norsemen created their metal for tools and weapons.

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