This Cree purification ceremony has been used by most Aboriginal tribes in North America since ancient times.

Sweat Lodges or “sweats” are older than recorded time, and are used to place you in a healing state. Sweats begin the journey to purify and cleanse the body, consciousness, spirit—soul. The use of a sweat can activate elemental and spiritual healing. A sweat is an energy healing therapy clinic. A sweat will offer you intuitive reading from your spirits and guides plus deep mind healing.

The Healing State Sweat follows Cree teachings and understandings. The sweats will assist you in creating health and wealth in your life. One advantage to this purification technique: It will help you obtain personal answers and guidance.

The Journey of the Healing State Sweats

The sweat begins with a fast preparation of the body to free toxins and create a healthier you.

In old traditions you would bring tobacco as an offering. You still may, but sage, sweet grass, crystals, cedar, and feathers would be more beneficial for your healing. I follow the traditional ways. A sweat can be offered many ways, clothed for co-ed and naked for same sex. I save you from needing to see the picture of Staite exiting a sweat lodge naked.

There are a lot of basic rules that can be applied to clothing; the most important is natural—not plastics or polys. The sweats should be hot. There will always be room along the edge to exit. I like having the temperature watched by another who is not in the lodge.

Women who are with child or of the moon are not welcome into the sweat. It is not healthy for the child in the womb or the mom carrying. The monthly period is a cleansing and a sweat coinciding will sometimes cause health issues.

A Traditional Sweat

The lodge will be ceremonially erected.

The beginning of the ceremony is a time of prayer and contemplation.

Set up the altar for the crystals, sage, tobacco, and other herbs plus sacred items.

There are four sacred herbs in the Native culture. One is sage, which purifies a room of negative energies. Another is sweet grass, which guides spirits from the other side to heal you. The third is cedar for purification. The fourth is tobacco; it is used in ceremonies of smoking the pipe. It is used to bless the earth.

Whenever we harvest herbs or cut bark off of trees, we offer tobacco to the four directions and to the Sky Father and Mother Earth.

Grandfather rocks are gathered and placed in a pile. Lava stones from volcanoes are used. Then fire is built, and the stones are heated.

Each person entering will be purified with a sage offering and blessings to the four elements.

We enter the embrace of Mother Earth’s Healing State until we form a circle around the center. The center of the center is where a little pit is dug for the grandfather rocks. The six white-hot rocks are brought in. Depending on the sweat, the rocks will request the winds, the directions, or the elements. Two of the rocks will always be there to honor the Creator and Earth Mother.

Steam fills the air, and unifies everyone within the lodge “womb”—all are one. We are reconnecting ourselves to the basic elements of life, spirit, soul, nature, life universe.

One at a time, and we offer prayers of thanksgiving and praise for the creator, the great spirits, the Great Mystery, the Sky Father, and the Earth Mother. The prayers will be combined, creating power of spirit. The combining is a mystical, magical process, an altered Healing State that goes beyond the physical form.

The Healing State Is Accepted

A blanket is laid. The circle sits upon herbs and sacred sand so that the great spirit will assist in the healing journey. The group allows the Healing State to guide their journey with their spirit guides, allowing each person to be in their own sacred circle and being one in the circle as they accept full connection with the connection of Creator and Earth.

Beginners are first in the circle so that they will have the easiest exit when the time the Great Spirit allots for them is done. All will exit in a clockwise circle.

After Exiting the Sweat

It is a time for ascending, understanding, and entering back into this world—sitting around the heating fire and accepting the knowledge that was given. The spiritual gifts should be integrated.

There are so many blessings and truths that will come from a proper sweat.

I hope you will join me on this purifying journey.


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