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Vibrational healing is the ability to heal the body through earth and energetic vibrations. The clear sense of feeling is how this healing technique is used. The vibrations are balance or changed by using etheric and spiritual energies and earth energies to fulfill the bodies in which you are healing. Vibrations travel easily through all energies and matter alike. Very little protection is needed for this healing technique.

Your body is a very complex machine. It is composed of protons, electrons, and neutrons at its atomic base. It has continuous and protective energies. These energies are attractive and polar; they entice and repel. This is how vibrational healing works. Your body knows more than you consciously understand or are aware of. Your hands are energy shields. They are vibrational and frequency generators and protectors. By using these shields and increasing their power with intent, you can heal yourself and others.

There are many breathing techniques you can use, such as those taught in yoga and t’ai chi, that guide you where to focus your energy and where to pull your energy from.

Vibrational healing is a very simple and easy way to heal. You have to have an aspect in your own body of what it is you are healing. You will pull energy from such aspects in your body and put it into your hands. Place your hands over the ailing area of another’s body. You will feel heat. You should not, however, feel pain. If you do, the pain is an indicator that your shields are weak. If your hands become too hot or if you feel pain, then pull your hands away and give yourself more room between you and the person you are healing. You should also strengthen your shields. As the heat recedes, you can move your hands closer to the body. There is never a need to touch. Follow where the heat or warmth leads you. The sensation will vary from person to person. Some have described the heat sensation as shocks, prickles, tingles, and even tickles.


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