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If the ailment is in someone’s wrists, which are composed of bone, muscle, and tendons, you will heal with your hand shields. The shield from your hands comes with earth energy. Fill the shields in your hands with the earth energy. As the energy shifts in the hands, carry it through the areas in the body. Some like to use flat shields, while others prefer a ball. Either type is excellent, though the ball technique should not be used on major organs. When using your hands as shields against an ailment, your hands automatically become the anti-vibration of the ailment, protecting you from it. Strengthen your hands and let the energy clean or repulse the negative or unbalanced energy. I recommend starting at the lowest extremity and working in towards the body.

If you are working with a knee, I recommend starting at the foot and slowly working your way up the leg, stopping where the knee has problems and then continuing up. Sometimes knee issues begin at the ankle. This can be true with other areas of the body as well. Sometimes elbow issues begin at the wrist. Hip issues can begin at the ankle or knee, and neck issues commonly begin at the hips. This is why I recommend starting with the lowest extremity. With back issues, I recommend starting at the tail or coccyx. Again, there is no need to touch the body. Start at the coccyx and work up the spine. Use earth or ground energy for bones, muscles and tissue, tendons, and blood. Slowness counts. Be slow, be thorough.


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